Experts In Restoring Properties

NC Roof Pros is a fully licensed and insured company, offering complete services for installing roofs, re-roofing or replacing worn out roofs. Our services also include leak detection and assisting fixing leaks. Located in Polkton, North Carolina, NC Roof Pros is one of the leading contractors in this industry. We provide free estimates for roofing of new constructions, churches, and commercial buildings.

Repair Your Property

Natural disasters can be scary, and wind, hail storm, hurricanes, and tornados can cost you a lot. Our experts help you restore your property to its original glory even after extreme damage. We also assist in repairing the complete area properly to prevent further damage, emergency roofing and restoration services.

NC Roof Pros
NC Roof Pros

Working With Your Insurance

Our experts not only take care of restoration and repair work, but also assist you with complete insurance procedures. Repairing and restoration require working with your insurance company throughout the claims process and we are here to work with you throughout the entire process.

We Go The Extra Mile!

At NC Roof Pros, we go the extra mile on each job making sure that we meet your expectations. We complete all of our restoration work on time and within budget.